Research & Interaction


Panta Capital provides a research and interaction platform for European and North-American event driven equity situations (announced and expected mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, break-ups, de/releveraging, stub/holding trades, litigation, restructurings, management changes, share classes, holding companies,…).

Panta Capital’s services have been set up to benefit from the increasing number of attractive merger arbitrage and special situation opportunities across Europe and North-America, where take over and other corporate activity has come back with accelerated intensity since 2014.

Panta Capital provides firstly a platform with research, ideas, analysis, insights and commentary, providing general real-time and summary notes of news and analyses on European and US event driven situations, with info coming from general news sources, market commentators, buy and sell-side participants, specialised feeds and in-house research. Whereas sell-side houses merely focus on limited analysis of event driven situations, and journalistic sources focus on provision of intelligence, Panta Capital combines both the gathering of intelligence and the deal analysis/insight. Panta Capital is focused on identifying both an ‘edge’ in certain situations and establishing and understanding the relevant deal issues.

Secondly, Panta’s platform also includes an interaction tool where (approved and accredited) buy and sell-side market participants can discuss general and specific event driven situations.

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